A Beginners Guide To Natural Skin Care Rituals

Natural brands are now playing a major role in the skincare space, with the accessibility and understanding of natural ingredients now available, the efficacy of natural products are now rivaling and even surpassing their synthetic counterparts. If you haven’t tried a natural skincare routine because you’re unsure about the texture of the products or how to use it, then it’s high time you learned how.

Facial Serums are here to stay, they’re the new normal in skincare. No longer an optional add on to a traditional skincare regimen, serums are now play a foundational role in the modern skincare cache.

Natural brands are now playing a major role in the skincare space, with the accessibility and understanding of natural ingredients now available, the efficacy of natural products are now rivaling and even surpassing their synthetic counterparts. If you haven’t tried a natural skincare ritual because you’re unsure about the textures or how to use the products, then it’s high time you learned how.


Cleansing with a Natural Oil – Silky not Soapy

We’ve already touched on the benefits of Cleansing with an Oil in our Blog post Beauty face-off: foaming cleansers vs. oil cleansers. Simply put they work by gently removing pore-clogging impurities without stripping away the natural oils your skin needs. Despite the benefits though, cleansing with an oil can take some getting used to. A natural cleansing serum won’t foam like a soap, but remember this is a good thing, it’s removing dirt, makeup and other impurities whilst ensuring your skin retains a healthy balance.


The Application Method

Massage your Tui Cleansing Serum into skin, like you would a creamy cleanser, then wipe off with a warm clean face cloth, you may also choose to do this in the shower. Some like to repeat this process for a deeper cleanse, but it’s really not necessary. Your skin will be left feeling cleansed, but silky smooth, unlike the dry crunchy feeling that follows a soapy cleanse.


Toning with a Mist

Toning your skin with our Kakara Rose Mist is a different tactile experience to using a traditional toner also. A typical cosmetic toner is usually an aggressive astringent, meaning a chemical that shrinks or constricts body tissue, often they have alcohol as a base and are very drying for skin. They purport to work to close and tighten pores, and remove any residual oil from the skin’s surface. However pore size is determined by genetics and skin type. Pores appear enlarged if they are suffering from blockages, in which case closing them with the application of an astringent over the blockage won’t work anyway.

As you can imagine if you’re using a soapy cleanser combined with an alcohol based toner, by this stage in your routine your skin has been completely stripped of it’s natural protective oils and is left vulnerable.

Our Kakara Toning Mist is a made entirely from Damascena Rose essential oil. It works to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin without the use of alcohol and harsh astringents that can upset your pH balance.

Reaching the optimal pH level is important because when the skin is optimally fed and supported, this enhances its own ability to repair and regenerate. Skin can then return to it’s natural state of balanced, radiant health.

Our Kakara Rose Mist also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.


The Application Method


Mist over face and neck post cleanse and throughout the day for additional hydration, as you enjoy the calming rose sent and the pleasant sensation of the mist falling on your bare skin.


Moisturising with a Natural Facial Serum

Although it does the job of a moisturiser natural facial serum does much more than just moisturise your skin, and it looks and feels unlike a moisturising cream. Our LOVESKIN Facial Serums are meticulously blended using nutrient-rich, bioactive botanical oils and essential oils that deliver highly concentrated nutrients, balancing minerals, collagen supporting antioxidants, strengthening ceramides and amino acids, replenishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins to deliver deep nutrition to the skin in one step.

Blends can vary between batches, due to the fact that they’re an all natural product, distilled from natural raw ingredients, this means seasonal variations. Colours vary between blends too depending on which part of the plants the oils contained within the blend came from. In short these variations are just evidence of the freshness and quality of the all natural product, unlike a synthetic cream,which has been stripped of it’s natural properties to adopt an inoffensive colour and fragrance.


The Application Method

Pump Serum 2 – 3 times or use the dropper to release 3 – 4 drops into your open clean palm. Rub your palms to together to distribute your serum evenly into both hands. Using both hands gently pat your serum onto face, neck and decolletage, taking extra care under your eyes.

Unlike synthetic products which work against your skin’s natural functions, stripping drying and fighting skin, natural products like our LOVESKIN range support and enhance skin’s ability to maintain a healthy balance and in doing so leaves skin fresh, hydrated and glowing.

This fundamental difference in philosophy means that although natural products perform the same or similar tasks to those you would find in a traditional routine, the way they go about it is slightly different. Once you understand how the products are working to assist and support your skin, you can learn to apply them for best benefit for your skin’s needs and you too can enjoy the superior results a non toxic, all natural and organic skincare ritual can deliver.

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