We believe in self nurture and respect for ones inherent beauty.

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

We believe in timelessness, elegance and unquestionable quality.

We believe in ritual, refinement, and consistency that inspires innovation.

We believe that soothing botanicals are simultaneously the foundation and future of ageless skincare.

We believe that aroma invokes feeling, and forges both energy and experience.

We believe it is humane to test on humans rather than on animals.

Above all else; we believe in the luxury of skincare, collated by soulful, thoughtful hands and immaculately curated, refined ingredients.

Joanna Lehndorf – Creator & Founder




What happens when a former policewoman turned forensic photographer finds her passion in hand blending botanical oils for skincare?

MAGIC. Inspiring, driven, and passionate Jo has an innate belief in the intrinsic beauty of nature. What’s more is, she believes fiercely in the innate beauty we all hold within – the type of beauty that goes far beyond the surface, expanding to feelings of value and self-worth.

Her vision? To reunite and reconnect us with our inherent beauty, grace and strength, by encouraging a return to simple natural skincare products and a refined daily ritual of self-nurture, reminding us to cherish our bodies and LOVE our SKIN.

With incredible beliefs and strong core values, Jo continues to push LOVESKIN to new frontiers by embarking on constant research and development in relation to the wealth of benefits natural botanical oils have for our skin.

She ethically sources only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring her LOVESKIN products are refined and always of the highest quality.

Join Jo on her LOVESKIN journey.