Warning: Amazing Results Inside

Meet Mary. Mary's story is not unlike many other young women struggling with acne. 

You see, Mary fell into the trap many of us do with our skin, where we think we need to resurface it through scrubbing and exfoliation to try and remove the acne. In fact, the opposite is true.

For Mary, the secret to healing her acne was to support her skin to heal itself. Through the use of our LoveSkin Gift Set for Combination Skin, Mary was able to soothe the inflammation, which then calmed the redness and aggravation.

Once the inflammation had subsided, the natural repair process started. Within a few short weeks, Mary was on the road to recovery after a lifetime of angry, aggravated and acne prone skin.

"For the last four years, I've had really bad on and off cystic acne that never really went away.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on expensive skincare products that my friends would recommend or natural remedies that never really worked in the long run and I figured that's just how my skin was.

But for the last two or three months I've been using LOVESKIN oils and not only has my skin cleared up so much, but the redness and scarring is basically gone as well.

It's just a really awesome product."