Hana Glacial Clay Mask


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Hana - (Translation from Māori : Glow) 

Our Hana Glacial Clay Mask is made with New Zealand glacial clay, which deeply penetrates the pores. Its anti-inflammatory properties help remove dirt, impurities and excess oil, while it's revitalising minerals are delivered to your skin to reduce redness and inflammation.

This deep cleansing mask draws out impurities and replenishes skin to leave you with a clean, clear, healthy complexion.

Set includes:
  • 100gm Glacial Clay Powder
  • Wooden Dispensing Spoon
  • Wooden Mixing Bowl
  • Mask Applicator Brush

+ Optional 30ml Serum selected by skin type


  • First Cleanse your skin, using your LoveSkin Tui Cleanser


  • Add two scoops of clay + one scoop of water to your LoveSkin bowl

  • Use your brush to mix to a smooth texture, taking care to remove any clumps

  • Once combined add 2 - 3 drops of your favourite LoveSkin serum to the mask mixture


  • Using your LoveSkin brush, apply the mask in an even layer to your cleansed face, taking care to avoid your eyes & mouth

  • Allow 10 -  15 minutes for the mask to partially, but not completely dry

  • Remove with a warm, damp facecloth


  • Apply your favourite LoveSkin Serum

Repeat weekly for best results

Skin Type: