I grew up surrounded by nature, on a small farm in rural New Zealand. Enjoying a connection with nature was, and remains to this day, a source of inspiration for me.


During my teens I had my own struggles with milia and acne, ultimately resorting to prescription medication to overcome my skin problems. However whilst the medication eliminated my acne my skin remained dull and glowless. I was disillusioned by skincare and the plethora of products available on the market. I resorted to supermarket skincare and the results were unremarkable.

Then in 2005 I was first introduced to botanical oils by an aesthetician who blended them like they were magic potions and I was captivated. She treated my skin with the most gentle, loving care and within a day or two it was glowing, for the first time ever. At this time botanical blends were not considered mainstream in New Zealand, so I started to investigate the wisdom of natural skincare oils and the practice of blending for myself. I knew nothing about skincare, but I absorbed all the information I could online and in books, reading anything I could get hold of that would help me figure out my own skin puzzle.

Finally it all fell into place for me. I realised that the reason I’d suffered breakouts all those years ago was the reason most teens still experience skin problems today. It wasn’t that my skin was dirty, it wasn’t the hormones, it was the skincare practices I’d employed in a fruitless effort to scrub away the oils and acne. The more I scrubbed the worse it became. That was because I was actually fighting against the wisdom of nature, the very thing I’d always believed in. And it made sense to me.

As someone who otherwise led a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet I knew that the best food for my body was that which was closest to it’s source, unchanged by manufacturing processes and free of synthetic ingredients. 

I also understood that nature heals itself, if an abrasion or injury is minor and the rest of the organism is kept healthy, a cut or an injury will heal itself. Why wouldn’t the same principles apply to our skin? And why should the skin on our faces respond any differently to the skin on the rest of our bodies? Instead of fighting the symptoms to remove the acne, milia or sensitivity, what about working with the skin to restore it’s natural equilibrium and support the skin to heal itself. To me plants were the perfect medium through which this healing could occur, after all plants and skin speak the same language.

This simple approach represents a profound shift away from the manner in which most brands approach skincare; working with our bodies, instead of against them, supporting our skin instead of fighting it, achieving overall health naturally by fundamentally loving ourselves, instead of trying to change our faces and bodies with synthetic ingredients and invasive processes.

The conclusion of a previous business journey and the simultaneous realisation that my old vocation was not where my passions lay allowed me to invest wholeheartedly in my love for botanical skincare. I launched LOVESKIN in 2015.

Now, 15 years after first learning about botanical skincare and 6 years into my LOVESKIN journey I’m more confident than ever in the efficacy of our concentrated, yet gentle, intensive yet balancing, botanical blends to heal and repair all skin conditions including dry skin, eczema, acne and sensitive skin.

LOVESKIN has improved and healed the skin of hundreds of women, restoring their self confidence and improving the overall health of their skin. I hope to educate women on the best way to take care of their skin and restore their glow naturally, so they’re not confused, disillusioned and misinformed, like I was.




GUARANTEED TO GLOW - Our LOVESKIN rituals will leave your skin glowing - We Guarantee it.  

If within 14 days of receiving your LOVESKIN product(s) you are still not happy with them, you can return them to us for a full refund of the purchase price. You can read the full details of our refund policy here.

QUALITY - We utilise only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Our botanical ingredients are sourced within New Zealand and around the world and are chosen for their unique and specific properties which maximise effectiveness and benefit for your skin.

All our product creation processes are transparent and meticulous.

INTEGRITY- We Promise to Tread Lightly whilst delivering Premium Quality. 

Our LOVESKIN Rituals don’t include a myriad products for small, specific functions, but elegant, effective, nutrient rich botanical blends for face and décolletage. Fewer items used routinely means you cycle through fresh botanical blends, ensuring maximum bioavailability and optimum benefit to your skin.

When you simplify your skincare routine, you simplify your life, whilst also reducing impact on your pocket and the environment.

You can read more about our sustainability measures here.

PROVEN RESULTS - We have received over 400+ 5 star reviews from customers who have transformed their skin thanks to LOVESKIN.  We continue to receive feedback from customers whose skin and lives have been transformed by our LOVESKIN rituals. You can read more of our customer feedback here and watch customers who have shared their skincare journey's here.

We are committed to continuing to produce products that deliver visible, tangible and lasting results for our customers, through understanding skin and how we can support it.

We continue to develop our range based on our NO EXTRACTION SKINCARE ethos.