Absolutely not. We feel proud to be able to say that our LOVESKIN products are absolutely preservative free, they don’t contain any nasties or fillers.

We strongly believe in the power of aroma and the influence it has on our energy and how we feel. We use only natural botanical oils in our products and select these to ensure they smell just divine. The beautiful scent of our products is derived from the natural source of the oils themselves.

Allergic reactions to our products are very rare, because they contain only natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on the gentle and nurturing state of our Loveskin products. However allergies vary for each individual and can arise from the use of a variety of different ingredients. We always recommend patch testing before use if your skin is particularly allergy prone or sensitive.

If you do think you have had an allergic reaction from using one of our Loveskin products, stop using it immediately and get in touch with us! Hopefully we can help you get to the bottom of it!

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! We believe it is humane to test on humans rather than on animals.

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We recommend beginning your LOVESKIN skincare journey by replacing your night cream or moisturiser with the LOVESKIN facial serum that is best suited to your skin type. Use it sparingly, it is a rich product, so a little goes a long way. You can always go back for more if you need it. Apply to cleansed skin before bed and allow to soak into the skin. Try this for a week. If your skin continues to enjoy it you may like to try introducing it twice a day.

As the weather gets warmer be responsive to the apparent moisture in your skin and the humidity in the air – try not to over hydrate your skin and use your LOVESKIN facial serum sparingly.

You will find that within a week your skin has adjusted to the superior moisturising and nourishing qualities of your LOVESKIN products. Your skin will appear fresher and more hydrated, with a lovely dewy glow.

Majority of moisturising creams are made from wax, water and oils.  A wax, or emulsifier is added to oil to enable it to blend with water, creating the desired consistency.  Wax and water serve no purpose other than to achieve the consistency we have all come to know as a moisturiser.

As this article in The Huffington Post states:

“Creams are mostly waxes and water, with a few oils thrown in. Waxes form an occlusive layer on the skin, which helps to hold moisture in. There are two downsides to waxes: wax build up may lead to clogged pores, and the wax barrier may prevent the oil component of the cream (the part of the product that actually benefits skin) from penetrating. This is likely the reason why creams typically deliver a higher level of diminishing results over time. They will work, at first, because they help to initially hold in moisture, but as time goes on the wax barricade may prevent oils from delivering nutrients, like essential fatty acids, to the skin.”

The natural botanical oils we use in our LOVESKIN products won’t clog your pores or cause you to breakout.

Our LOVESKIN products will replenish your skin with the essential fatty acids and moisture it needs. When balance is restored underlying issues, including acne, oiliness, dermatitis and dry skin, can heal.

It is natural to get a spot or two due to hormonal fluctuations. I would still recommend you give the blend for Combination/ Oily skin a go. When you do get spots don’t make them worse by scrubbing, exfoliating or over cleansing. Instead try massaging them with your finger, as you feel them start to come up. We have a mini for $11 including freight, which is a great place to start

Your facial serum actually replaces your moisturiser. It’s richer and more deep acting than a cream, so you don’t need both. Start by using it instead of your night cream before you go to bed, do this for a week, then you can start introducing it morning and night.

Yes they do vary, due to the fact that they’re an all natural product, distilled from natural raw ingredients, this means seasonal. The green colour of the blend means they oils contained within are still full of the natural plant material. It will appear lighter in the smaller bottle because the volume of material isn’t as dense, notwithstanding there can be differences in the colour of the oils themselves. In short it just evidence of the freshness and quality of the all natural product.

You would use the serum in place of a moisturiser and/ or night cream. We send a series of emails post purchase, which explain how to use your LOVESKIN products.

1. Cleanse in the shower, using our Tui Facial Serum in the evenings only. In the morning a wipe with a face cloth is best, as it allows your skin to regain it’s natural oil balance overnight.

2. A traditional toner is an astringent, which is often harsh and can aggravate the delicate balance of skin, especially if it’s sensitive. Our LOVESKIN toner is mist, which offers an additional bit of moisture on your skin post cleanse and throughout the day for additional hydration.

3. Our Facial Serum provides intensive hydration for your skin, so there is no need for a moisturiser as well. You won’t get additional benefit from using a cream.