The importance of a simple skincare ritual

How a simple skincare ritual can improve your happiness

Our lives are built around routines. From the moment we wake up, we dive into a series of familiar motions that shape our actions and emotions. Some parts of our routines are less enjoyable than others… but some, we look forward to.

These parts of our day are rituals. By incorporating positive rituals into our routines, we can break away from the madness of everyday life. A ritual allows us to take time to show ourselves self-care, love, and complete respect. It’s where we can treat our bodies and minds to a much-needed moment of luxury.

LOVESKIN recommends adopting a skincare ritual made up of just three simple steps. By refining your skincare routine, you learn to integrate simplicity into all areas of your life. Read on to learn about the LOVESKIN recommended skincare ritual, and the ethos behind it.

The ethos behind our rituals:

At LOVESKIN, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. When you refine your routines, you’re left with only the essentials. From here, you can appreciate the benefits of each step more, and put more love and care into how you perform each one.

We live by this ethos. That’s why our product offering doesn’t include a myriad of products for small, hyper-specific functions. We want to simplify your skincare routine, not complicate it. By cutting down on time and money spent on ten step skincare routines, you’re left with more energy (and dollars) for the other things you love in life.

The LOVESKIN Ritual:

We’ve refined the LOVESKIN ritual down to three simple steps. When completing these steps, it is important that you remain in the moment. Focus on the smell, textures, and feel of the serums on your skin. If you have trouble doing so – don’t worry. This skincare routine will become natural to you as time goes on, and we trust that it will become the part of your day you enjoy most.


Draw some warm water to hydrate your face cloth. Massage your LOVESKIN Tui Cleanser onto your neck and décolletage, in small circular motions, to rid impurities as you breathe in the natural rose aroma. Remove your cleanser with the warm damp cloth, taking care not to drag or pull at the skin.

Step 2: TONE

Tilt your head upward and mist your face with the Kakara Rose Mist, as you take a moment to inhale. Appreciate the sensation of the fine rose particles settling on your skin, as well as the subtle, calming scent.


Slowly, dispense a thoughtful amount of Waiwai Hydrating Facial Serum into your hand. Remember, a small amount can go a long way with rich botanical oils. Massage the rich, botanical blend onto your neck and décolletage. Relax in the sensation of your skin becoming noticeably hydrated, and know that the act of doing so is good for both skin and soul.

Simplify your skincare routine with LOVESKIN gift sets. Our product is made from both natural and organic botanical oil blends, formulated to target your skin concerns with gentle, soothing ingredients.

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