4 things to remember to heal your skin

Here's four things to remember when trying to heal your skin.


Your skincare won't heal your skin, healthy skin heals itself. Your skin is always working to find equilibrium and healthy skin heals itself. We know this because if we get a cut and abrasion or an itchy bite on any part of our body, our skin will naturally repair it. So conversely, this means if your skin is not healthy, then there's something that you're doing in your routine or your diet, which is interfering or hindering in this natural process.

Adding more products to your routine is not the answer, it will just give your skin something else to react to. And if it reacts badly, then you don't know where the original problem is coming from. So the best approach is to go to a routine that's as simple as you can make it, with products that are gentle and natural in order to help your skin find its equilibrium. The role of your skincare should be to create a healthy environment in which your skin can heal itself.

And with a simple routine, you can quickly figure out what's working and what's not.


Your skin has a protective barrier, it's role is to protect the skin from dirt and pathogens in the environment and to lock and moisture. This barrier is delicate and can easily become damaged through the use of harsh cleansers too much exfoliating and too many active.

When your barrier is compromised, your skin is unable to defend itself from the dirt and pathogens in the environment, and it struggles to look in moisture. So that's when you get responses like acne, heads, dry skin and over production of oil, so oily skin.


The skin is an amazing healer and it's fantastic coping with a compromised environment for a long period of time. This means that you can be applying a product, which is a low level irritant for a long period of time and not see any adverse effect. Then suddenly your skin starts to breakout, it starts to become dry or irritated, and it's because your skin has been dealing with a low level irritant and you are unaware of it.


Skin replenishes from underneath, and it takes 30 days for fresh skin cells to appear on the surface of your skin. Fresh skin cells break off from the dermal layer, which is at the bottom of your epidermis and make their way to the top as the older ones exfoliate naturally from the surface.

This means it does take at least 30 days to see the full effects of a new skincare product on the surface of your skin.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is when you're looking to repair your skin, look for products that don't interfere with your skin's natural processes. Instead, look for products that support your skin to heal itself, naturally.