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LoveSkin Guarantee


It is really important to us that you absolutely love your LOVESKIN products.

In the first instance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your product(s) and their suitability for your skin, or the way you use them. We might be able to make some suggestions to help, if you are having trouble.

If within 14 days of receiving your LOVESKIN product(s) you are still not happy with them, you can return them us for a full refund (minus shipping costs). Please email us at hello@loveskin.co and we will give you the address to post them back to. All postage for any returns will be at your cost. Please make sure that any returns are well-packaged. We recommend using a tracked method of return delivery, as we are unable to accept responsibility for lost return parcels.

Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale or discounted items cannot be refunded.

When will my order ship?

Orders are processed and shipped Monday-Friday.

Please note - at times of peak demand such as seasonal sales processing may take up 3 business days.  

Why isn't Afterpay available?

Afterpay and Laybuy can only be used for single purchases. The system which provides the subscription purchase option doesn't allow payment plans as a transaction option. This means if you have subscription purchases in your cart the Afterpay and Laybuy won't show as a payment option at checkout.

If you wish to pay by Afterpay or Laybuy you will need do so as a one off purchase.

There is no field to enter a discount code.


The reason you’re not seeing the discount field is because I’m guessing you’re trying to go through the Recharge app cart, which is the cart you use for recurring subscription purchases. This is the system you will be funnelled through when making a subscription purchase and it’s not set up to accept discount codes.

The reason being that the discount is already build into the subscription offer, ie you get a 15% discount when you buy on subscription already. You can still accumulate when purchasing via subscription, however you can only use the points you accumulate on full priced products.

As such if you want to purchase something and take advantage of your points or other discount code, simply ensure there are no subscription items in your cart. Then the field to enter your discount code will appear on the checkout page.

Can I pay without using a credit card?

Yes sure. To access other payment methods click on the arrow to the right of the credit card, then scroll to the bottom and click on alternative payment methods. Click on that and additional payment options will appear.

Product FAQ

Value & supply

30ml 6 weeks supply
50ml 3 months supply
100ml 6 months supply


Can I pay without using a credit card?

The products haven’t been created specifically to address pigmentation issues, however they do restore your skin’s health, which can result in the improvement of any underlying conditions, such as pigmentation.

Is LoveSkin safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe for pregnant women. It contains less than 0.1% essential oils and it's otherwise made entirely with plant oils. This means the ratio of essential oils to other ingredients is well within the safe range for pregnancy.

Am I eligible for a discount on my first purchase?

Yes there is discount for your first purchase. Use the code WELCOME10 at checkout to receive which gives you 10% off.

I already have oily skin. Won't using oils on my skin make it worse?

It's actually a misconception that oils are bad for oily or acne prone skin, created by marketers because they're more expensive than soaps or synthetic products.

Your skin is behaving this way because products you've used in the past have damaged your skin's outer protective layer, called the acid mantle. This is made up of natural oils. When these oils are removed the skin can't protect itself from dirt and bacteria in the environment and these are causes the acne and blackheads to form.

LOVESKIN restores this protective outer layer, which protects the skin and then allows it to heal itself. Once you stop cleansing with a harsh cleanser and switch to a more gentle solution the skin can rebalance and the oiliness will stop.  

Do you also need to use a moisturiser or night cream with your LoveSkin ritual?

You would use the serum in place of a moisturiser and/ or night cream.

Our Facial Serum provides intensive hydration for your skin, so there is no need for a moisturiser as well. You won’t get additional benefit from using a cream.

Our Facial Serum provides intensive hydration for your skin, so there is no need for a moisturiser as well. You won’t get additional benefit from using a cream.

This oil smells or looks different from my last order.

Our products are all natural and therefore variations in the depth of fragrance are completely normal. They are not subjected to the homogenisation processes most synthetic skincare goes through which prolongs self life and creates absolute consistency across the range.
Each component ingredient is produced from a fresh batch of natural raw materials which can be subjected to any number of environmental conditions and therefore cause a variation in many of the characteristics of the oils, ultimately affecting the scent and colour of the overall blend. I can absolutely assure you that the blend is not off because we purchase our ingredients on a weekly basis fresh from our supplier.

The benefits of the all natural ingredients is that they are very effective in treating a variety of troublesome skin conditions, the challenge is it’s not possible to achieve a consistently homogenous result. We guarantee our products and each batch equally as effective in treating and healing your skin.