Battling with blackheads and enlarged pores?

If you're struggling with blackheads and enlarged pores, your skin isn't dirty and squeezing, scrubbing, or washing your skin with soap isn't the answer. Blackheads aren't caused by dirt getting into skin so much as they're caused by dead skin cells trying to get out. Dead skin cells naturally desquamate or exfoliate off the surface of the skin.

And the skin requires moisture in order to complete this process. However, if the skin is dry, then the desquamation process doesn't happen, and dead skin cells can become trapped in pores. If these pores are open and with the dead skin cells trapped within, they're exposed to oxygen and so oxidize and become black.

This often occurs for people who have been washing their face with soap for a long period of time. The skin becomes dry. It's unable to lock in moisture because the skin barrier is damaged due to the use. and so the natural declamation process is interrupted. The dead skin's cells become trapped, and you develop blackhead.

As I mentioned earlier, the solution is not to try and scrub, squeeze, or soap them out. Instead, you want to restore the skin's moisture levels. It's likely that all of this has been caused by damage to your skin barrier, probably by using the wrong kind of cleanser or soap on the surface of your skin.

The skin has a protective outer layer called the skin barrier, which locks in moisture and. Skin defend itself from dirt and bacteria in the environment. By switching to a gentle oil cleanser in an intensive moisturizing serum, you are able to restore the skin's moisture levels and support the skin barrier to heal naturally.

And because the skin repairs from underneath with the skin's barrier restored and the skin's moisture levels returned. The blackhead will eventually heal naturally.

If you're struggling with blackhead, shift your mindset from thinking that you need to scrub them out, that your skin is dirty, and that you need a harsh cleanser or exfoliant to try and get rid of them. With a gentle, natural approach and a little bit of time, you can soon restore your skin to health.