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Article: Face Oils VS Creams


Face Oils VS Creams

There’s no doubt that face oils have been dominating the skincare market of late. Many brands have introduced skincare oils to their offering, either as a supplement to their current products, in the form of an additive or as an alternative to a traditional moisturiser.

Do you need both? Which is going to deliver better results for your skin? Read on to find out why we consider a skincare oil to be superior and therefore more beneficial for your skin than a creamy moisturiser and why you should incorporate an oil into your daily routine. 

Face Oils are superior and active
The majority of creams on the market, are composed of 90% wax and water. They usually contain a lengthy list of ingredients that most humans cannot pronounce let alone comprehend. Often these ingredients are synthetic approximations of naturally occurring ingredients. From a supply chain point of view natural ingredients can be problematic due to having finite shelf lives, the challenges in securing year round, consistent supply, and often being more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, which is why manufactured ingredients may be considered preferable. 

The remaining 10% of a creamy moisturiser is composed of oil – the active and beneficial ingredient(s) in the product. Conversely an oil, like our LOVESKIN products are composed of only blended botanical oils and are therefore packed with active and nutrient dense goodies. No fillers or nasties. 

Face Oils are bioavailable
Because oils are very close in their chemical composition to the skin’s natural sebum, our skin responds well to the application of oils. They are what it knows, and therefore the skins internal mechanisms can distribute the moisture and nutrients we apply to the areas that need it most. In doing so the oil blends, which are carefully selected for their beneficial properties, are able to support and enhance the skin’s own natural ability to renew, heal and balance.

Face Oils are the best source of moisture for the skin – Prolonging a lustrous inner glow
The key to a youthful glow is keeping the skin hydrated. When skin is well nourished and balanced it glows. Often fine lines are formed because the skin dries out. As we have already detailed, because most standard creams and beauty products contain only a very small percentage of oil, they don’t hydrate our skin enough.

Face Oils are lipoholic
This means they love fats, and therefore they pass through and are absorbed by the lipid or fat layer of the skin faster, preventing water loss and plumping the skin with the moisture it needs, leaving it with a fresh, dewy glow.

Face Oils are packed with rich antioxidants
The oils contained in our LOVESKIN products are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals which can cause severe damage to skin cells. Free radicals attack healthy cells which then deteriorate as a result of molecular instability, also known as oxidation. This instability is brought about by the introduction of stress, illness, environmental toxins and insufficient dietary nutrients. In an effort to regain stability the free radicals seek out and steal electrons from stable cells, leaving that cell seriously damaged. This results in the appearance of wrinkles and the breakdown of the skin’s collagen.

Face Oils are gentle and soothing
Oils aid in the prevention of irritation and inflammation. We believe that like the rest of the body the skin is always trying to find homeostasis, a healthy equilibrium. It is balancing the effect of our diets, environmental stimulus and emotional and hormonal factors, which at any time can cause irritation, resulting in physical symptoms appearing on the skin. And, like the rest of the body, when the skin is optimally fed, this boosts its own ability to repair and regenerate. Skin can then return to it’s natural state of balanced, radiant health. 

What about Face Oils for Oily or Acne Prone Skin?

It’s actually a misconception that oily skin clogs pores and causes breakouts. Whilst petroleum based products can exacerbate an oily or acne prone skin issue, a quality botanical oil blend like our Kiri Aroha Facial Serum can actually balance, calm and restore.

As explained our skin is always trying to find balance. Traditional approaches to skincare have us fighting against acne or oily skin by trying to rid the skin of the oil it naturally produces. This in fact causes the skin to produce more oil in response, effectively exacerbating the problem you are trying to correct. By reintroducing a blend of natural oils, carefully selected for their balancing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is possible to provide the skin with the balanced environment it needs to then allow it to heal and repair. 

LOVESKIN Oils are meticulously blended using nutrient-rich, bioactive botanical oils and essential oils that deliver highly concentrated nutrients, balancing minerals, collagen supporting antioxidants, strengthening ceramides and amino acids, replenishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins to deliver deep nutrition to the skin in one step.

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