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Article: Is All Natural REALLY The Way To Go?

Is All Natural REALLY The Way To Go?-LOVESKINNZ

Is All Natural REALLY The Way To Go?

Not sure if all natural skincare is the way to go? Will it get you the results?

The switch from chemical to natural products can be daunting. All of our lives we have been taught that we will not see results without an aggressive, synthetic skin care routine that fights against our skins natural processes. When, in fact, the opposite is true. Often it is the use of harsh, synthetic skincare that has caused the problem to flare up in the first place.

For the most part, synthetic ingredients are created to imitate the benefits found in natural ingredients. They are cheaper to produce and have a longer shelf life.

Our skin produces natural oils which are very similar in their composition to the natural oils found in plants. Our skin can work with these ingredients to absorb the beneficial properties from them, they are bioavailable to our skin, but our skin cannot recognise synthetic ingredients the same way.

Our obsession with using more and more products to enhance or alter our appearance has harmed our skins health. The key to achieving healthy, glowing skin is to do less and allow your skin to heal.


Natural Skincare products won’t deliver results: 
Much of what makes up traditional skincare is fillers, preservatives, scents, emulsifiers and additives that are purely to impact the texture, consistency and shelf life of the product. Whole plant skincare is even more potent because it was perfected by nature, without all the additives. Our products are much more concentrated and every last ingredient packs a powerful, purposeful punch.

My skincare stings when I apply it, that means it is working.
The fact that your skincare is causing your skin to tingle or burn is because it is creating a negative reaction in your skin, generating inflammation and thereby delaying or preventing healing. When your skin is inflamed it is actively fighting against whatever product you have just applied. When you have an injury to any other part of the body, you don’t continue to aggravate it. You keep it clean, allow it to heal and watch for the redness to subside. Your face is no different. Rather than skincare that stings, tingles and burns, you will benefit more from skincare that calms the irritation and soothes the skin, allowing your skin to heal and repair naturally.

So make peace with your skin, fighting it's natural processes will only make it worse. Work WITH your skin with our natural, plant based products. Help it balance and regulate and leave you with a smooth & glowing complexion.

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