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Article: Dry brushing: glowing skin without the chemicals

Dry brushing: glowing skin without the chemicals-LOVESKINNZ

Dry brushing: glowing skin without the chemicals

When our skin is looking a little lacklustre, we tend to turn to mainstream products for a quick-fix. The truth is, they’re usually packed with synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good. Keeping your skin healthy means ditching these harmful chemicals in favour of natural skincare routines that nourish you from the inside and outside, such as dry brushing.

Getting into the habit of practicing a little bit of self-pampering by dry brushing before your morning shower will soon leave you with a noticeable suppleness and glow to your skin. On top of the plentiful benefits to your skin, taking the time to show your body some love and gratitude will also create space to calm your mind and focus on nurturing yourself. There is no better way to start your day than to revitalise, rejuvenate, and renew your whole self.

“Carving out some time in your day to practice the time-honoured beauty ritual of dry brushing provides an opportunity for self-nurture, restoration, and healthy radiant skin.” Joanna Lehndorf, LOVESKIN Founder

What Is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is the ancient health practice of brushing dry skin to stimulate the lymphatic system (the network of tissues and organs that help your body eliminate toxins and waste). Instead of using water and a product to buff away dead skin cells, you use a dense, bristled brush directly on top of dry skin.

Why Should You Dry Brush?

If you’re looking for a simple practice that promotes the health and appearance of your skin, then dry brushing might be the answer for you. Here are some of the reasons why everyone from dermatologists to celebrities have embraced dry brushing:

  • Buffs away dead skin to reveal supple glowing skin
  • Boosts your circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Rids your body of toxins
  • Reduces cellulite - who doesn’t want naturally smooth, unblemished skin?
  • Removes impurities and pollutants from pores, making your moisturiser more able to penetrate your skin

How Do You Do It?

Most experts recommend dry brushing before you shower, when your skin is completely dry.

Start by taking a body brush (look for one with firm, natural bristles) and gently move it over your skin in long, circular motions that go from your ankles upward toward your heart.

From start to finish, the process should take about 5 minutes.Once you’ve rinsed off, you might notice that your skin feels a little sensitive. That’s completely normal – think of all the dead skin you have sloughed off.

Follow up with a moisturising oil to restore hydration; one of our favourite ingredients is Borage Seed oil, a potent antioxidant recognised for its soothing, repairing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

How Often Should You Do It?

The advice is mixed on how often you should dry brush – ranging from daily to fortnightly. The best advice is to trust your body and let your skin be your guide until you find the frequency that’s right for you and your skin.

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