Oils for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, then applying oil is the best way to fix it. I wanted to take a explain why oils won't make oily skin worse and hopefully shift your mindset so that you can improve your oily skin.

First of all, a true oily skin type is very rare. Those that have it also have oil on their heads, scallops right up to their hairline and also on their chests and backs. It's not just an oily face or T-zone unless you're experiencing these symptoms. The good news is that you probably have oily skin as a result of skin damage, and it is repairable.

The skin has a protective barrier, which helps to lock in. However this barrier can easily be damaged through aggressive cleanses, tos, exfoliants, active ingredients, and products that just are too harsh for your skin. When this barrier is damaged, the skin is no longer able to lock and moisture. So it becomes dry.

And then it over produces oil in order to compensate. Also the impaired barrier function can mean that the skin starts to leak out the hydration that it would normally be retaining in order to improve oily skin, you need to improve the condition of the skin barrier. Now look, I get it. When you've already got oil skin, I'm sure.

It seems like adding more oil is only going to make the problem worse. However, actually the opposite is true. Introducing a high quality botanical oil will help to strengthen the skin's barrier function, meaning it can retain moisture again, it will also help to regulate and rebalance the skin's pH levels, which means that the skin is better able to defend itself against dirt and bacteria in the environ.

And remember this isn't a quick fix. It can take up to 30 days for your barrier to start to repair. So you do need to be patient. However, if you are consistent, this does represent a return of the overall health of your skin. And if you get it right, then you'll never have to return to oily skin again on final tip.

Consider the health of the oil in your diet. Your skin needs good quality essential fatty acids in order to produce high quality sebum in your. If you're not consuming enough essential fatty acids, or if you're eating low quality fats, then that means that the quality of the oil that your skin produces can be impaired and it can contribute to that oily sensation that you're experiencing.

So just remember if you have oily skin, then applying an oil, isn't gonna make your skin oilier. In fact, it's gonna help, but you just need to be patient and be consistent. I hope this has been helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions.