Skin Slugging - The Tiktok Trend that helps heal dehydrated skin

In this humid weather it can be easy to mistaken sweaty skin with oily skin.

However, if your skin is demonstrating any of these symptoms it's likely your skin is actually dehydrated:

  • Looks dull, or the texture appears uneven
  • Feels irritated and chapped, or tight and itchy
  • Increased oiliness or shine
  • Sudden or increased breakouts due to increased oiliness
  • Developing blotchy red areas that flake

You need to try Skin Slugging?⁠

Skin Slugging is a Tik Tok trend that involves smothering dry skin with a deeply hydrating, occlusive skincare balm to help the skin lock in and retain moisture. You leave the balm on overnight and wake up to skin that is beautifully nourished, plump and moisturised.

The awful name comes from the concept that after you apply the balm, your face ends up looking shiny and slimy, like what a slug would leave in its wake.⁠

However the Tiktokkers who have popularised this trend use Vaseline to slug their skin. Vaseline is petroleum or mineral oil based and as such is somewhat controversial. The ingredients in unrefined petroleum jelly have been linked to cancer causing carcinogens.⁠

Our Ora Balm is a healthy swap out that will give you an even better result.⁠

The Beeswax base in our Ora Balm is an effective, natural occlusive which means it can create a protective layer on the skin to lock in moisture. It's also a humectant, which means that it attracts water. Both of these qualities can help the skin stay moisturised. Combined with the skin boosting botanical oils in the blend it's the perfect skin slugging solution.⁠

The plant oils we use in our Ora Balm contain a variety of bioactive molecules with incredible skin healing and nourishing properties. The fine molecular structure of these plant oils, allows them to be readily absorbed helping to protect, repair and nourish the skin. This is the main difference between botanical oils and synthetically produced oils and oils derived from petroleum, such as Vaseline, which have a very course molecular structure and cannot be absorbed deep into the skin layers.

So tonight before you go to be slather your face and neck with Ora Balm and wake up to gorgeous, healthy, deeply moisturised skin.