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Article: Skincare trends that DON'T care for your skin

Skincare trends that DON'T care for your skin

Skincare trends that DON'T care for your skin

The beauty industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to ‘skincare’ trends. Sadly a lot of the trends are marketing fluff that won’t genuinely provide the care your skin needs. Two of the biggest beauty industry offenders are: double cleansing and moisturising.

Over Cleansing

For some time, beauty manufacturers have been pushing the idea that we need to double cleanse in order to rid our faces of grease and grime.

But over-cleansing can weaken your skin barrier and impair its natural ability to hydrate and repair. By washing your face twice, you can cause more harm than good. It dries out our skin so we need to add in more moisture.


Moisturisers can contain up to 90% water which evaporates as you put it on the skin.

Skin itself is not designed to be a vehicle for absorbing nutrients, it’s an outgoing channel for sweat. This means at least 60% of skin care we put on our skin is not absorbed. Moisturisers are water based, once you remove the water emulsifier and preservative what's left is active ingredients.

What to use instead

You're better off investing in skincare that’s made entirely of active ingredients. Our skincare oil blends are made entirely from actives and don’t require harsh preservatives. 

Well-formulated oil based skin care products help dissolve debris and unwanted oils. They also support a healthy pH and can help correct oil balance for an absolutely glowing, luminous complexion that cannot be achieved by other types of products.

Botanical oil blends are chocka-block full of actives. This is the reason we refer to our moisturising oils as serums. They’re more than just a moisturiser they’re full of all the ingredients your skin needs to achieve optimal health, naturally.

If you are interested in giving our oil based skincare a try I highly recommend checking out the LoveSkin Travel Ritual.

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