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Article: LOVESKIN: Supported by Leading Skin Science

LOVESKIN: Supported by Leading Skin Science-LOVESKINNZ

LOVESKIN: Supported by Leading Skin Science

Good skincare is no longer about scrubbing away the oil that your skin produces, or sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal the new ones underneath. That’s old 1950’s thinking and it’s been proven incorrect.

It’s about creating sustainable, lasting habits that ensure the long term health and efficacy of your skin as a barrier and a filter for the rest of your body. Healthy skin looks healthy without the need for external, superficial enhancement. When your skin is healthy it is able to repair imbalances, abrasions and adverse reactions without the need for medical or cosmeceutical intervention.


What we now know is that within the structure of skin the dead cells (called corneocytes) which create the outer layer of your skin, and were previously thought useless, are small molecules. These small molecules help to attract water into the corneocytes, thereby hydrating the skin. The corneocytes are intelligent, signalling molecules when there is damage or injury to the skin in order to initiate repair in the underlying living cell layers. Also present in the spaces between the corneocytes are natural oils (proteins and lipids) that protect against invasion by bacteria.

What we also now know is that harsh cleansers can compromise your skin’s natural protective layers, exposing new cells before they’re ready, removing the protective natural oils, leaving your skin vulnerable to dirt and bacteria and in doing so dehydrating your skin in the short term and potentially doing long term damage.

Today we know better. And modern skin science supports the foundational belief of the LOVESKIN range.

Similar to our gut’s flora, our skin has a delicate balance of protective bacteria. Rather than our outer layer of skin containing only dormant dead cells we now understand it is intelligent and performs a vital role in maintaining our overall skin health. At LOVESKIN we believe the role of any effective, sustainable skincare regime should be to support and promote the skin’s barrier function to ensure skin and overall health long term. Like the rest of the body, when the skin is optimally fed and supported, this enhances its own ability to repair and regenerate. Skin can then return to it’s natural state of balanced, radiant health. When skin is well nourished and balanced it glows.


Botanical oils have been shown to enhance and support and promote the skins barrier function, collagen production, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial responses, among many other benefits. Our botanical ingredients are chosen for their unique and specific properties which maximise effectiveness and benefit for your skin.

LOVESKIN is not about offering a short term fix but creating sustainable, lasting practices that will support your skin to look great and perform well no matter your age. Unlike synthetic products which work against your skin’s natural functions, stripping drying and fighting skin, our natural products support and enhance skin’s ability to maintain a healthy balance. LOVESKIN is a skin elixir, meticulously blended using nutrient-rich, bioactive botanical oils and essential oils that deliver highly concentrated nutrients, balancing minerals, collagen supporting antioxidants, strengthening ceramides and amino acids, replenishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins to deliver deep nutrition to the skin in one step.

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