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Article: Whatever you've been told - Do the Opposite

Whatever you've been told - Do the Opposite-LOVESKINNZ

Whatever you've been told - Do the Opposite



Most summer skincare posts tell us to cleanse more often to get rid of the extra oil and sweat on our skin, suggesting “oil blocks pores, causing breakouts”. This is incorrect. Healthy skin is protected by a natural oil barrier and healthy skin exfoliates naturally. Cleansing too often strips the skin of this natural protection, leaving it vulnerable to the bacteria that causes acne.

THE SOLUTION: Cleanse once a day, in the evening, with a gentle oil cleanser, such as our LOVESKIN Tui Cleanser. Our natural botanical blend will remove the excess oil in your skin and mobilise your makeup, without depleting or compromising your skin’s health.


Your aggressive toner is stripping your skin of the beautiful natural oils that protect it.

THE SOLUTION: Replace your toner with a gentle, natural mist, such as our refreshing Rose Mist. This gentle mist calms, hydrates and refreshes, conveying additional moisture to the skin post cleanse and throughout the day, as needed to cool and soothe irritated skin.


Dehydrated skin actually produces more oil to compensate for the apparent absence of hydration. Skin can become dehydrated when it is stripped of it’s natural oils, due to over cleansing and aggressive skin care, or due to moisture lost through sweat. Therefore it’s important to ensure skin is kept moisturised inside and out to help balance skin.

THE SOLUTION: Restore hydration by drinking plenty of water and moisturising with a skincare oil. Not only do skincare oils offer superior hydration to a cream, they’re also able to access the areas that need it more efficiently and intensively than a creamy or milky moisturiser.


Many people think that because a product claims to be gentle that it is therefore going to be gentle on skin. But if we think about it there are plenty of naturally occurring acids, minerals and bi-products of naturally occurring substances that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your skin.

THE SOLUTION: Plants and Skin speak the same language. Look for products that clearly contain plant blends. Remember that the ingredients list on any product is in order of greatest to least volume, so the higher up the list the ingredient is, the more of is going straight on your skin. Natural plant oils have a two year shelf life, so don’t require preservatives to prolong their use. Although a preservative may be natural, it doesn’t have any benefits to skin.

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