2 Simple Steps to Improve your Skin Health

If you're struggling with your skin, then working on these two things will improve. And in most cases, completely heal most skin conditions.  

1. Your skin's barrier function:

Your skin has a protective outer layer, which helps it defend itself from dirt and bacteria in the environment to look and moisture.

This barrier is delicate and can easily become damaged through the use of too many cleansers, exfoliants, actives, and other ingredients, which strip the upper layer of your skin. Skin barrier damage can be responsible for issues such as acne, blackhead, sensitivity, eczema, and dry skin. In order to repair the barrier, you need to get the skin back to a state where it can heal.

This means using balanced and gentle ingredients with a pH similar to your skin and cutting out anything that is likely to cause irritation or aggravation. In my experience, switching to an oil cleanser and a botanical serum are the best and most efficient ways to achieve this because botanical oils have a similar pH to your skin and they're gentle.

Oil cleansing and moisturising with a good quality botanical oil with help repair the skin’s barrier and restore the delicate balance of the skin’s microbiome. An oil cleanser removes dirt and makeup without damaging the skins delicate protective barrier. A good quality botanical oil blend is packed full of nutrient rich, bioavailable ingredients which support your skin to repair and rebalance.

You can cleanse without damaging your skin barrier, and then you can hydrate with the serum which will help to repair your skin's barrier function. 

2. Consider the quality of the oils in your skin:

This oil in your skin is a direct reflection of the quality of the oils in your. If you're consuming a lot of foods that are high in fat and sugar, this will mean that the quality of the sebum in, in your skin becomes thick and gluggy, and that means that the skin is unable to release that oil. Improve the quality of the oils in your diet, which will then improve the quality of oils your skin is producing. So to improve this, you need to introduce more essential fatty acids into your diet. Adding hemp seed oil into your smoothies is a great place to start.

And finally be patient and give it time. It takes around 30 days for fresh skin cells to appear on the surface of your skin. And this process takes longer as we get older.

However, in most cases, if you have a healthy skin barrier and good quality oils in your skin, then you'll have healthy skin.