Face oils: the answer to oily skin.

If you're struggling with oily skin, then using products that strip all the oils out of your skin or dry your skin out isn't the solution. In fact, it's only going to make it worse.

Stay with me. I know it's a really common response if you have oily skin to get rid of all the oils in your skincare routine in order to reduce the amount of oil that's appearing on the surface of your skin.

For most people, oily skin isn't a skin type, it's a skin condition. Oily skin as a skin type is actually very rare. If you have oily skin as a skin type, then you're oily all over. Not just on your face. You're not oily all over and you're only experiencing oily skin on your face or just even your T-zone that means for you, it's a skin condition. It's a result of something that you've done to your skin, and it is treatable.

As we know, the skin has a protective outer layer called the skin barrier. Its role is to lock in moisture and to protect the skin from dirt and bacteria in the environment. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin is unable to retain moisture, so it registers as dry and starts to overproduce oil, hence the oily skin that you're experiencing.

Stripping the oil out of your skincare routine is addressing the symptom and not the underlying cause. And in doing so, it's actually perpetuating the problem.

The skin needs essential fatty acids in order to restore and maintain the health of the skin barrier. Essential fatty acids are readily available in oils. By stripping the oil out of your skincare routine and using products that dry out the skin, you're making it more difficult for the skin to restore its natural barrier, thereby regulating its natural oil production.

Conversely, with the skin barrier restored, the skin is able to regulate its oil production. And the oiliness you're experiencing will go away. So if you're struggling with oily skin, flip your mindset from thinking that oil is bad and drying out your skin is the goal. Instead, get rid of the drying products and introduce botanical oils to your routine, which will help your barrier to heal naturally.