Here's three things to consider when addressing Keratosis Pilaris.

Keratosis Pilaris is characterised by tiny bumps, which occur as a buildup of dry skin around the opening of a hair follicle brace. It differs on the causes, which may have a genetic component, but it can generally be improved through good skin skincare.

Number 1:

Consider the health of your skin barrier. The skin has a protective outer layer, which helps to lock in moisture, which in turn helps with healthy skin cell turnover. If your skin is unable to retain hydration, then it's not able to naturally exfoliate, which will be contributing to the buildup of the dead skin cells you're seeing on the outer layers of your skin.

To maintain a healthy skin barrier, consider what you're cleansing with. If you're washing your skin with a soap or shower gel, then in most cases, these won't be balanced for your skin's pH levels and they'll be stripping your skin barrier.

Number 2:

Make sure that you're well-hydrated and that you're moisturizing your skin regularly.

This will help to repair the damage to the skin barrier, which will in turn improve healthy cell tuner.

Number 3:

Remember that skin cells renew from underneath, they break off from the dermal layer and they make their way to the top of the epidermis over a period of about 30 days. This means that any changes that you make won't appear on the surface of your skin for at least 30 days.

It also means that anything that you do to the outer layer of the skin, such as exfoliating to try and remove the appearance of those dead skin cells is actually only going to damage the skin barrier and make the problem worse. In doing that you're only addressing the symptoms rather than trying to heal the cause, which is the over all health of the skin.