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Article: How a mindful skin ritual can help your overall wellness

How a mindful skin ritual can help your overall wellness-LOVESKINNZ

How a mindful skin ritual can help your overall wellness

In pursuit of happier and calmer minds, the practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years. This same practice has caught the interest of the health and beauty world primarily because we now understand that improving our resilience to stress also comes with a myriad of health benefits - including skin health.

Mindfulness (which underpins the Slow Beauty Movement; you can learn more about that here) is based on the premise of giving yourself permission to focus on one thing at a time and being present in the moment. When being mindful, we are focusing on taking action with intention to clear the mind of clutter and ease ourselves into the present moment. By incorporating the practice of mindfulness more regularly into your day, stress levels begin to lower. In turn, your mental and physical wellbeing will benefit, and your entire being, including your skin will feel replenished and nourished. Carving out time for mindful practices in our fast-paced lives can seem like a challenge, right? But it really doesn’t need to be. A mindful makeover of your skincare routine will take it from a mundane task to an integrated self-care ritual with just a few simple tweaks. Let’s take a look at how to build the habit of mindfulness into your regular skincare routine.

Show love when applying your products
Reset the way you approach your product application; slow down and allow your skincare routine to become a rewarding ritual that you enjoy. You can practice being mindful when applying products by focusing on your intention behind it – you’re nourishing your skin and preventing skin problems down the track. As you apply your cleansers, toning mists and serums, take time to massage the products into your skin and pay attention to the textures. Even if you take just a few minutes to do this, it’s a great way to relax and give yourself an in-home spa experience.

Beauty and the Breath
Pay attention to your breathing. When you breathe deeply and intentionally, you encourage more blood to the surface of your skin, making it brighter and healthier. But there’s another bonus: breathing deeply helps the skin cells to repair themselves, which leads to youthful and glowing skin.

Follow your nose
While you move through the steps of your skincare ritual, deeply inhale and appreciate the natural aromas of your luxurious products to create a sense of relaxation and serenity. 

Look out for changes in your skin
When we rush through our routine, it’s easy to miss what our skin is trying to tell us. Being mindful during your skincare routine is the best way to understand your skin, observe the subtle shifts in its condition, and treat your skin according to what it really needs.

Consider your skincare choices
Embracing a more mindful approach includes giving more thought to the products you use on our skin every day. Opting for natural skincare instead of products with synthetic ingredients means you’re making a mindful decision to nourish your skin with wholesome plant-based ingredients, instead of overloading it with harmful chemicals. Bioactive botanical ingredients are powerful allies in your mindful practice; they work in synergy with your skin to heal, restore and balance. Unlike synthetic products which work against your skin’s natural functions, stripping drying and fighting skin, natural products like our LOVESKIN range support and enhance skin’s ability to maintain a healthy balance and in doing so leaves skin fresh, hydrated and glowing.

Getting started with LOVESKIN’s mindful skincare rituals
If you struggle with skin woes that are aggravated by stress and are curious about mindfulness, you can ease yourself in by committing to a daily practice in your skincare routine. The most powerful proof of whether a mindful skincare routine will “work” for you isn't a study, but first-hand experience. So, give it a try and see for yourself.

Cleansing with a Natural Oil
A natural facial cleanser won’t foam like a soap, but that’s a good thing: it’s removing dirt, makeup and other impurities that cause congested skin whilst ensuring your skin retains a healthy moisture balance.

The Application Method:
Massage your Tui Cleansing Serum into skin, like you would a creamy cleanser, then wipe off with a warm clean face cloth, you may also choose to do this in the shower. Your skin will be left feeling cleansed, but silky smooth, unlike the dry crunchy feeling that follows a soapy cleanse. Pump the cleanser into the palm of your hand, pay attention to the feeling, feel the pressure of your fingertips rub together concentrate on the texture of the cleanser between your fingers , feel skin touching skin and fingertips touching your face, massage the cleanser over your face and neck, be aware of the smell.

Toning with a Mist
Our Kakara Toning Mist is made entirely from Damascena Rose essential oil. It works to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin without the use of alcohol and harsh astringents that can upset your pH balance. Reaching the optimal pH level is important because when the skin is optimally fed and supported, this enhances its own ability to repair and regenerate. Skin can then return to its natural state of balanced, radiant health. Our Kakara Rose Mist also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.

The Application Method:
Mist over face and neck post cleanse and throughout the day for additional hydration, as you enjoy the calming rose fragrance and the pleasant sensation of the mist gently kissing your clean skin.

Moisturising with a Natural Facial Serum
Our LOVESKIN Facial Serums are meticulously blended using nutrient-rich, bioactive botanical oils and essential oils that deliver highly concentrated nutrients, balancing minerals, collagen supporting antioxidants, strengthening ceramides and amino acids, replenishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins to deliver deep nutrition to the skin.

The Application Method:
Once you’ve chosen the best facial serum for your skin, pump 2 – 3 times or use the dropper to release 3 – 4 drops into your open, clean palm. Rub your palms to together to distribute your serum evenly into both hands. Using both hands gently pat your serum onto face, neck and décolletage, taking extra care under your eyes.

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