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Article: In focus: The Slow Beauty Movement

In focus: The Slow Beauty Movement-LOVESKINNZ

In focus: The Slow Beauty Movement

You may have heard women talking about slow beauty and wondered what it all means. It’s an appealing idea - slow beauty - and there’s nothing esoteric about it at all.

At its heart, slow beauty is a movement that reflects a shift in values away from short-term convenience towards slower, deeper, and truer ideals. Slow beauty is a gentler and kinder alternative to the current trend for harsh and invasive aesthetic fixes that promise immediate results – like Botox and fillers. It fundamentally believes that time and energy spent on a skin care regimen isn't an empty pastime, but an opportunity to take pause and find respite from the demands of our fast-paced lifestyles.

Slow beauty practices are acts of self-kindness, small moments in our day to honour ourselves. The essence of slow beauty is encouraging you to treat your body in a ritualistic way, with no rush and no short-cuts. If you’re interested in slowing down – and cleaning up – your beauty routine, a great place to start is by adopting a fundamentally holistic, plant-based approach to skincare.

Slow Beauty Skincare Rituals

A simple way to cultivate the slow beauty movement at home, is to create rituals that bring us back to our being. LOVESKIN’s range of skincare products have been thoughtfully designed to sustain slow beauty rituals. Our organic, botanical skincare range is supported by a holistic philosophy of skin health and total body wellness. Our cleansers, mists, and serums offer powerful botanical oil therapy which work in harmony with your biology; working with your skin, not against it.

“When people reconnect and replenish, they glow with a natural energy and beauty that can't be bought. I hope you’ll join me in nourishing your mind and spirit by embracing an intentional, inspired lifestyle. Embrace the culture of self-nurture. Embrace Slow Beauty.” Joanna Lehndorf, LOVESKIN founder


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