Is it normal to experience breakouts or purging?

Is it normal to experience breakouts or purging when starting on a facial oil or oil cleansing routine? There's a couple of things happening here that I'd like to explain. First of all, if you're experiencing irritation itchiness, And there's no improvement in the overall texture or appearance of your skin, then it's likely that you're allergic to the product and you should cease using it immediately.

However, if you are seeing an improvement in the appearance of the skin and there's no irritation but a few breakouts, then there's a good chance that you are going through a purging stage or that your skin is adjusting to the use of the new product. Remember that your skin cells take 30 days to turn.

So if you already had preexisting breakouts or acne within your skin's epidermis prior to starting to use this product, then these will still be working their way out within the 30 days since you started using the new product. Additionally, if your skin has been dry and potentially sluggish, then the introduction of the oils may encourage faster cellular turnover and declamation of the dead skin cells off the surface of the.

Which means that you may see these breakouts coming to the surface faster than they would normally if you had a damaged skin barrier before you started using the oils, and many people do. Then within those 30 days that it takes for the barrier to start to reform upon using the new oils, your skin is still vulnerable to dirt and bacteria in the environment, which can cause blockages.

However, if you're not experiencing any irritation or inflammation from the use of the product and the overall texture of the skin is improving, the skin barrier will repair within around 30. And the skin will be able to again, defend itself against environmental, dirt, and bacteria that's causing inflammation and potentially leading to blockages and breakouts.

The breakouts themselves will repair and your skin will be healthy. So as long as you stay committed to the process and don't introduce any products which are going to damage to the surface of the skin, then ultimately you're on the road to recovery. I hope this has been helpful. Please, I can follow for more natural skin care tips.