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Article: The Creation of LOVESKIN

The Creation of LOVESKIN

The Creation of LOVESKIN

An awful skincare experience led me to create my own range of skincare, which healed my skin and has now helped heal the skin of hundreds of others as well. I devoted all my time to learning everything I could about a natural approach to skincare.

I developed some simple products and launched a basic range. Seven years ago, our botanical blends helped to heal the skin and restore the confidence of hundreds of women.  

As I committed to sharing the benefits of a natural approach to skincare, more people had success. I'm committed to sharing my philosophy that good skincare need not be expensive, complicated, or toxic.

  • I believe that you can have beautiful, healthy skin using natural products.

  • I believe that good skincare can be simple, natural, and affordable. 

  • I believe that we don't yet know enough about the full implications, long term of applying synthetic ingredients to our. And as someone with a number of family members who have long term health issues, I would not endorse applying synthetic ingredients to our skin until I fully understand the implications.

  • I believe that your skin looks its best when it's healthy. And I don't believe that that comes from a bottle. I believe that that comes from your skin's natural processes. And I believe that the role of skincare is to support your skin's natural process. 

My mission is to demystify skincare so that more women can love their skin and avoid the struggles with acne and ro-accutane that I had. As more people experience frustrations with their traditional skincare our message is starting to spread. 


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