Why is my skin oily?

Before starting a new skincare routine, it's important to establish if the skin is oily, because that is your true skin type, or if it's because there's something else going on, potentially your skin could be damaged.

A true oily skin type is very rare. Those who have it also have oil on their scalps backs, chests and necks, not just on their face, and T-zone.

The good news is unless you're experiencing these symptoms, you likely have oily skin as a result of skin damage, and it can be repaired.

The skin has a protective barrier, which helps to lock in and retain moisture. However, this barrier can easily become damaged to the use of products, which are too harsh for your skin. Once this is damaged, your skin is no longer able to lock in and retain moisture and it becomes dry. Some cleanses toners, exfoliants and active ingredients can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry.

The skin's natural feedback loop then registers this dryness and the skin starts to overproduce natural oils. The skin then becomes more oily creating that oily consistency that you're experiencing and perpetuating the. Also the impaired barrier function means the skin starts to leak out the hydration it would normally be retaining. This can contribute to the oily appearance of the skin.

Most traditional approaches to skincare try to address this oiliness by further drying out the skin. However this only exacerbates and perpetuates the problem. So if you don't have the rare oily skin type I described earlier, then your skin is actually dry and the oiliness you're experiencing is a symptom of the dryness.

Once you treat your skin with products to heal the dryness and repair the skin barrier the oiliness will improve. An oil cleanser will remove the dirt makeup and impurities in your skin without damaging the skin's protective barrier and giving it the opportunity to heal.

Follow with a moisturising oil that's, especially blended for dry skin. Quality skincare oil behaves very similarly to the skin's natural oil and with regular and consistent user will help to improve the damage to the skin's barrier. With the skin's barrier repaired, the skin will again be able to lock in, and retain moisture and it will stop overproducing oil, so that oiliness that you're experiencing will eventually subside.