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Article: Why your cleansing and exfoliating routine is making your acne worse.

Why your cleansing and exfoliating routine is making your acne worse.

Why your cleansing and exfoliating routine is making your acne worse.

Just like the gut, the skin has its own microbiome, which forms a unique bacterial layer that is integral to optimal skin function. A complex balance of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and protozoans, the skin's microbiome creates a barrier that protects against outside threats, such as dirt and bacteria.


A normal healthy barrier is slightly acidic, so when dirt and bacteria lands on it, it is immediately terminated and unable to access the vulnerable layers of skin underneath. A damaged barrier means that dirt bacteria can survive on the skin and this can cause acne, breakouts and blackheads.

A normal soaping cleanser is alkaline, which damages the skin barrier. Following with an exfoliator will further damage the barrier and perpetuate and skin condition you. If this is all news to you, don’t be surprised, most people don’t learn these things until their skin becomes problematic and they can’t understand why. That’s what happened to me too.

In order to return skin to health we need to restore that delicate balance of organisms, by supporting them to replenish and regrow, thereby restoring that protective barrier.

How do we restore the barrier and heal the skin?

Well the skin will heal itself, naturally. Just think about any other type of injury to your body. However the right products can create a stronger barrier, help calm the skin which reduces the appearance of the acne and lock in hydration which also helps with repair, and act as a temporary barrier to dirt and bacteria.

Start with our Travel Set for your skin type. Remember to patch test each of the products before you commit to using them.  

What to expect when your skin starts to heal.

You should experience an immediate improvement in the skin texture, a reduction in redness and a healthy appearance to the skin itself, even though the acne is still present.

The acne may persist and you may even notice new acne appearing, however remember that while your skin barrier is still healing this is completely normal and as the barrier of your skin improves this will eventually subside and ultimately cease altogether. Healing takes time and this approach will replenish and restore the health of your skin, but it does require patience.

Other things to consider:  A Guasha Stone is fantastic for moving congestion, stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation, in the areas where the acne is the worst. Don’t use it on broken skin, but it’s fantastic for moving acne that is still forming or stagnant.

Skin Soaking: This involves holding a warm face cloth to each section of congestion for 5 -10 secs, to soften the pores and encourage the release of any blockages.

Finally, be conscious of keeping your fingers away from your the acne while your skin is still healing. Remember, you carry bacteria on your fingers and until your skin starts to repair it is unprotected from that bacteria. It’s natural to want to check on the acne, with your fingers but this will introduce more bacteria and perpetuating the problem.

Remember this is not a quick fix and you won't necessarily see a change overnight, although some do. However with a little patience, a gentle, approach and a little time your skin will look and feel healthy and clear again.

Committing to this gently support your skin to heal itself will lead to the complete restoration of the health of your skin, all without putting more unhealthy, synthetic chemicals into your system.

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