Dry skin in winter and oily skin in summer?

Do you struggle with dry skin in winter and oily skin in winter? I'm here to help.

First of all, to a certain extent, both of these things are completely normal. In the summer, the skin produces more natural oil, so it feels oilier, and in the winter, air conditioning and cold winds can dry out the skin. However, if your skin barrier is damaged your skin will overproduce oil and it will struggle to lock in moisture. Which means it will feel dry and it will produce more oil, so it will also feel oily.

Let me give you some tips for how to deal with your oily skin in the summer.

In the summer, the skin produces more natural oil, and also we sweat more, which leads us to want to wash more. The skin all over our body thrives when it has a balance of good bacteria and washing can damage and interrupt this bacteria. As much as possible you want to minimize the interruption so that the skin doesn't overproduce oil and you don't end up with acne.

Washing: Washing can damage the skin barrier. So instead of washing your skin every time you jump in the shower, try just rinsing it and washing the smelly bits.

Switch to a lighter moisturizer. If you notice that your skin is oilier in summer, then you need to change out your moisturizer to accommodate this.

In my opinion oils make the best moisturizers because of their bio-availability. They're very similar in their composition to the skin's natural oils, so the skin is able to utilize them where they're needed.And just like moisturizers, you can get oil blends, which are lighter in their ingredients, and therefore more appropriate for use in the summer.

Makeup on summer skin: as I've already said, your skin sweats more in the summer and produces more natural oils, so you want to wear lighter makeup so your skin is able to breathe.

Switch to a tinted moisturizer. And as always, when you do take off your makeup, make sure you're doing it with gentle products that won't damage your skin barrier, such as our Tui Oil Cleanser.

So like I said at the start, slightly oilier skin is summer is normal. Resist the temptation to scrub away the oils and work with the skin to try and find balance over the warmer months.

I hope this has been helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions.