What if you've got dry skin and acne at the same time?

Which problems should you address first? So the natural response is to try and address the acne first, because that's the thing that's bothering you the most, and then address the dry skin once the acne is cleared up.

The problem with this approach is that most skincare addresses acne by trying to dry it out, which then is gonna make your dry skin worse.

So what do you do to start with trying to fix your acne By trying to dry out your spots isn't actually gonna help the health of your skin. And the minute that you reintroduced oil or a moisturizer into your skincare, you're probably gonna have spots again because you haven't addressed the underlying problem, which is likely to be some damage to your skin barrier.

And this damage is likely to be the reason that you are also experiencing dry skin. So instead of attacking one symptom then the other try taking a holistic approach to the overall health of your. Try working on the health of your skin barrier. And I know I say this all the time, but a damaged skin barrier can be responsible for up to 90%.

Of skin problems. So as I mentioned before, a damaged skin barrier is likely to be the reason that you're experiencing both the dry skin and the acne. And with an improved skin barrier, your skin will again be able to lock in moisture and retain moisture. So the dryness will improve and it will also be able to keep out dirt and bacteria as.

So your acne will improve and eventually heal. How do you improve the health of your skin barrier By using products that don't damage it, so your skin will naturally repair, and if your barrier is damaged, your skin barrier will naturally reform. However, if you are continually using products which are damaging it, then this becomes difficult.

Any products that claim to resurface or remove the outer layer of your skin are gonna be damaging to your skin barrier, this includes aggressive cleansers, exfoliants, and high percentage active ingredients. Switch to a gentle oil cleanser and an intensive moisturizing oil. These products have a similar pH that of your skin, so they'll create a balanced environment in which natural repair can occur.

And as always, be patient and stay consistent. This isn't an overnight fix, but you will be restoring the health of your skin. And once restored, you won't experience these problems again.