I have very large pores and I've tried everything. What do you recommend?

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Let me start by saying that pore size is generally genetically determined, but your pores can become enlarged. If you're doing the wrong things to your skin, such as too much exfoliating, cleansing with the wrong things, too many masks and actives.

The same thing happened to me before I knew how to treat my skin properly. And I ended up with a large pores all over the top of my cheeks.

When it comes to treatment, understand that resurfacing your skin won't work. The skin replenishes from underneath. So if you're doing anything to the outer layers, it's actually only damaging it. You need to create an environment in which healthy skin cells can thrive, as opposed to trying to remove the damaged pores that are sitting on the top of your skin.

I recommend a couple of gentle things such as skin soaking and facial icing.

Skin soaking involves taking a warm damp face cloth and holding it against clean skin to soften the dirt and dead skin cells that may have built up inside the.

And facial icing is just as it sounds. Rub an ice cube across the skin to relieve any inflammation and swelling that may have occurred under the skin surface.

As always, I recommend switching to an oil cleanser to remove the dirt and bacteria from your skin without damaging your skin's natural oil production, and finally be patient in stay consistent.

This can take a really long time to heal, but you will notice that your skin is starting to look generally healthier within 30 days.