Help my skin is terrible. I've got acne and blackheads, and I don't know to do.

This is the kind of question I get all the time from our customers and I've successfully helped them with their skin. So if this is you listen up.

The Cause:

Acne and blackhead are a symptom of a damaged skin barrier. Your skin doesn't like something that you're doing to it and you're going to need to stop in order to give your skin a chance to heal.

Most often, this is caused by:

  1. The wrong type of cleanser
  2. Too much exfoliating,
  3. Too many Actives or
  4. Primer in your makeup routine.

The Answer:

Get rid of all the unnecessary products and start again from scratch. You need to take a systematic approach to your skincare, so you can figure out what is working and what is making it worse.

Give your skin the opportunity to heal so that it can once again, lock in moisture and block out the dirt and bacteria that causes acne and blackheads.

The New Routine
Introduce an oil cleanser and a botanical serum, which will both support the skin to heal, naturally. They will also help to lock in moisture and regulate the skin's natural oil production, while the healing process is occurring.

Once you've established a new routine, you need to give it at least 30 days to take effect.