The Importance of Patch Testing.

We know you’re eager to get started with your knew skincare routine, but we’d rather you take your time, just in case it doesn’t work for you.

Patch testing is a crucial step in determining if a particular skincare product is suitable for your skin type and whether it may cause any adverse reactions.

You don’t want to risk irritating your skin with a new product and having to deal with a reaction all over your face instead of a tiny, easily concealed spot.

As with any natural product LoveSkin is rich in plant based ingredients, which can be an irritant for some skin, especially if your skin is already highly sensitised due to previous over cleansing.

How to Patch Test

  1. Pick an area to do your patch test. Behind your ear, under your jaw are both good options as they can be easily concealed if you do have a reaction.

  2. Apply a small amount of the product to freshly cleansed skin, as per the directions on the product and remove or leave on you normally would, ie if it's a cleanser remove with a warm damp cloth, if it's a toner or serum leave on to absorb.

  3. Keep a eye on how your skin reacts. If you start to notice any irritation when you’re applying the product (in the form of redness, heat, itching, stinging, etc.) remove it and allow the skin time to settle, before trying another product. If you don’t, leave it on and take note of how your skin goes over the next 24 hours.

  4. Finally and most importantly: Enjoy your products! Now that you know the formula gets on just fine with your skin, you can add them into your routine.


By following the simple process outlined above, you can help to prevent adverse reactions and ensure that you are using products that are safe and effective for your skin.

If you do experience any adverse reactions after trying patch testing, please reach out and we can guide you on how to proceed.