Five beauty products our Founder, Jo, swears by.

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Jo Lehndorf is the founder of Wellington-made brand Loveskin, and a former NZ Police constable and forensic photographer. Here are five beauty products she swears by...

This is Bourne lip to cheek colour, $49

Locally made here in Eastbourne, Wellington. This cruelty free, vegan, product adds a little hint of colour to the cheeks and you can build it up on your lips, to create that effortless, natural makeup look.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, $27

A makeup artist recommended it to me as her all-time favourite. I love that it makes my lashes look so lush.

My Sunshine Sunscreen SPF30, $50

Another wonderful NZ made, natural beauty product.

I use this as a base, whether I’m wearing foundation or just a little colour. It’s packed with nutrient rich ingredients, so your skin feels both hydrated and protected when you apply it.

Loveskin Arohanui Facial Serum, $49

My skin tends to be dry and now that I’m over 40, I really notice my skin requires intensive hydration. I apply this daily; morning and night, and my skin just soaks it up.


Although not a product, facial icing is my new secret weapon. It’s great for soothing inflammation, constricting enlarged pores, and leaving the skin looking bright and fresh.

I just take a block from the freezer and hold it in one of our Loveskin muslin face cloths, $15, then rub it all over my face and neck for 2-5 minutes per day.