Facial Yoga: Everything You Need to Know

It is the beginning of a new year, the perfect time to set new goals and try new things. Perhaps it’s a new workout routine, a goal to make more time for self-care, or simply taking better care of your skin. 

Similar to exercising to take care of your health and body, there are facial exercises that we can do to keep our skin plump, radiant and healthy.

What Is Facial Yoga?

The simplest explanation, facial yoga is yoga for the face. Facial massages have been a part of traditional Chinese practice for centuries, and over time it has evolved into facial yoga. It consists of exercises and stretches that relax, strengthen, and tone the muscles and tissue in the face. Along with the exercises, breathing techniques, acupressure, and yoga postures are included to achieve the best results. Not only is it beneficial for the skin, but it is simple enough for you to do at home.

Benefits of Facial Yoga

When we get our body moving, our blood circulation elevates and sends more oxygen to the cells. Same goes for facial yoga. Whether it’s facial exercises or acupressure, the muscles in the skin begin to move, blood begins to flow, and the cells in your face will receive more oxygen, resulting in a balanced complexion. Additionally, certain facial massages are targeted at draining the lymph nodes to get rid of toxins under the skin, smooth the skin texture, and reduce redness.

As we age, our bodies begin to produce less collagen. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for giving us plump and youthful skin. Without the normal production of collagen and the reduced face muscles due to ageing, our skin is prone to sagging, along with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Facial yoga exercises will stimulate the production of collagen, as well as work out the muscles. Similar to working out your body, your facial muscles will tone and make your skin look more plump and firm. Naturally, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will also diminish. Using facial yoga you can target areas such as the crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead lines, and the lips.

Apart from the physical benefits, facial yoga will ease any tension in the jaw, neck, and shoulders. Taking 15 minutes in the morning before starting your day is a great way to relax your mind and enjoy a moment of self care. 


The time of day you choose to exercise your facial muscles does not necessarily make a difference. However, it would be great to perform them in the morning before starting your day. Your lymph nodes will be drained and your face will not be puffy, the circulation will make your skin plump and radiant, and your face will look more lifted than usual.

Apply your favourite LoveSkin facial oil before doing any facial yoga to create a smooth canvas to avoid tugging at the skin.

Though you don’t need any extra tools for facial yoga, a Guasha tool can help facilitate the process. Click here to read more about how to use your Guasha. 

If you’re looking for examples of facial yoga routines Coveteur and Byrdie provide some great facial yoga workouts you can follow