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Article: Get Glowing, Gorgeous!

Get Glowing, Gorgeous!

Get Glowing, Gorgeous!

Did you know your skin is constantly being affected by the environment and the rhythms of nature?

Applying topical products is on my part of the equation when it comes ot the health for your skin. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health also contributes to and impacts your skin's health and appearance.

Water is the first key to healthy skin.

Drinking eight glasses per day does more than quench thirst, it flushes out toxins, maintains skin elasticity, and prevents dryness. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated puts a strain on your bodily functions and can leave you feeling tried and your skin looking dull. Boost your water intake by
  • Starting the day with a glass of warm water each day.
  • Eat watery summer fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, watermelon.
  • Try infused waters as a thirst quencher. Simply fill a jug with water and add any combination of fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables. Infuse for 30 minutes. I love cucumber + lemon + mint + watermelon

Sunshine and your Skin.

Excessive sun exposure is the number one cause of damage and premature ageing. We need our daily does of sunlight to trigger the production of Vitamin D for our emotional health, but we also need to protect our skin with a safe SPF sunscreen. We love My Sunshine Natural Sunscreen. If you can avoid the sun between 11am - 3pm when the sun is at it's strongest.

If you overdo the sun our Mahana Body Oil is ideal for restoring moisture and reducing redness.

Facial Misting.

Summer calls for spritzing, especially on hot days to cool the skin and provide a boost of hydration. Facial mists are the perfect travel companion over the holiday period. Be sure to avoid those containing alcohol, as they interfere with the protective outer layer of your kin, causing dryness and irritation. Instead spritz your face with our Kakara Rose Mist, whilst taking a beat to breathe, relax and reflect.

Apply Loads of Self Love. 

Your skin is ultimately connected to your feelings and emotions. It's the face you show to the world. Whatever is going on inside will eventually show on the outside. If you have skin concerns take the time to consider that they may be an outer manifestation of an inner emotion. Start looking within to understand what else may be going on. At this uncertain time fear, concern and anxiety are all completely understandable and normal emotions. Accepting them and embracing them, rather than attempting to ignore them can help to begin the healing process both internally and externally.

Eat your way to Glowing Skin.

Food can have a profound effect on the health of your skin. You have many effective tools in your pantry and fridge. Remember your body is an amazing self-repairing machine. Keep things simple. Think fresh, raw salads, loaded with fresh herbs, blended greens and summer berries. Pair them with fat and protein rich, beautifying foods such as avocado, nut butters, chia seeds and plant oils.

Hydrate, don’t Exfoliate.

It’s a common misconception that the best way to reveal fresh, healthy skin is to exfoliate away dry skin in order to reveal the fresh, youthful skin hidden beneath. However, most people are too vigorous and regular with their exfoliation practice, and as a result, can cause damage to the skin. Similarly washing the skin to keep it clean and remove makeup and dirt can easily strip the skin, effectively cleaning it of both the bad bacteria and the good.

Instead boost your skin with hydration to replenish and restore. After sun exposure be extra liberal with your facial serum and if you're still experiencing dryness try Skin Slugging for an intensive hydration boost.

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