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Article: How to achieve healthy, clear skin, for life.

How to achieve healthy, clear skin, for life.-LOVESKINNZ

How to achieve healthy, clear skin, for life.

Acne, skin sensitivity, dry skin and eczema are all evidence of the same thing: a compromised microbiome. Repairing the skin barrier is the first step in healing from these persistent conditions.

Just like the gut, the skin has its own microbiome, which forms a unique bacterial layer that is integral to optimal skin function. A complex balance of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and protozoans, the skin's microbiome creates a barrier that protects against outside threats. Unfortunately, today's germaphobic tendencies disrupt and destroy the intricate community of organisms living on the skin. Synthetically produced anti-bacterial products for example, not only get rid of the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well, just like antibiotics do in the gut.

In order to return skin to health we need to restore that delicate balance of organisms, by supporting them to replenish and regrow, thereby restoring that all important protective barrier.


Think about it, when you have an injury to any part of your body, provided you are otherwise healthy then that cut or injury will heal, naturally. It’s the same with the skin on your face. By restoring the overall health of the skin any underlying conditions are then free to heal, naturally.

Often the reason our skin doesn’t heal more quickly from acne, eczema, rosacea or dryness is because the products we’re introducing in an effort to combat the problem are actually interrupting the skin’s healing process. We’ve become so conditioned to believe that products need to hurt in order to help or that we need to scrub away the symptoms that we actually ignore the signals that the skin is reacting negatively to what we’re doing to it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The ethos and intention of the LOVESKIN range is that we work with the skin’s natural processes to return overall health to the skin, instead of fighting against the symptoms or spot treating the affected areas. The purpose of each of the products in our ritual is to calm, restore and hydrate.

THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX -This is a permanent restoration of your skin's health

When you begin your LOVESKIN ritual immediately inflammation starts to subside and the aggravation visibly subsides. In just days you will see immediate improvement, within one month you will see a significant difference.

You may continue to experience breakouts within the first two or three months. Avoid the temptation to blame the products and go back to your old routine, which is actually what caused the problem in the first place. The breakouts are occurring because of the damage already done to your skin, not because of the new products, which are actually setting it on the road to repair. Your skin barrier is still repairing, and your skin is currently unprotected from the same environmental toxins, or transferred dirt from your hands, which caused the initial aggravation or acne.

If you experience a breakout soon after switching to a new routine it’s very important that you resist the urge to scrub at it. That will simply restart the cycle again. Instead, ride out the changes and you’ll notice within a couple of months that the breakouts become less aggressive, and heal more quickly. After three months they will subside altogether.

We guarantee it!

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