Maskne: Dry Skin Caused by My Mask

What about dry skin caused by my mask?

My suggestion would be that the dry skin is coming from a low level irritation caused by the mask, as opposed to the mask, making your skin dry. But regardless of the cause there are definitely some things that you can do to improve the skin.

First of all, it's important to understand that the skin has an outer layer, which is a barrier. It helps to lock in moisture and protects the skin from dirt and bacteria that can cause ane and blackhead, as well as irritation. This barrier is delicate and can easily become damaged through the use of the wrong types of skin care.

However, by restoring it, you can then help the skin to lock in moisture again, which will get rid of that dry appearance that you're seeing. And as I mentioned in previous videos, it's important to remember that doing things like exfoliating to try and get rid of the dry skin cells on top is only going to further damage the skin barrier and make the overall problem worse.

Also, if you're using any hyaluronic acid in your routine, I'd recommend that you stop. For most people it is actually a low level irritant which once again will be making that problem worse.

As always, I recommend switching to an oil cleanser which will regulate your skin's natural oil production without damaging your skin's barrier whilst also keeping your skin clean.

Introduce a botanical oil in place of your moisturizer. Your moisturizer is made up of 90% water and ultimately doesn't have enough hydration to resolve the dryness that you're experiencing.

Finally, I would suggest skin slugging in the evenings with a natural balm.

One final thing to note, if you're using prime under your makeup, this won't be helping. It's made from silicone, which is like covering your skin in glad wrap. It doesn't allow your skin to breathe. So just cut this out of your makeup routine, at least until your skin has had a chance to heal.