Recommendations for Dry Skin Caused by Eczema.


Eczema is one of those skin conditions that's made worse by stress and by inflammation in your diet. The skin is an amazing healer that can manage a number of mild irritants simultaneously, but then you add one more stressor to your life and suddenly your eczema gets worse. So if you're having an eczema flare up, firstly consider your diet, including things like alcohol, sugar, citrus, and dairy. 


1. Provide your skin with nutrients to support it to heal

When it comes to your skincare, you wanna think of locking in moisture and providing your skin with the nutrients that it needs to heal, rather than trying to address the dryness through additional irritants like exfoliants or peels.

2. Reduce the steps in your skincare routine.

Helping your skin to lock in moisture means making sure that your skin barrier is really strong.

I recommend removing as many products as you can from your skincare routine to try and give your skin the opportunity to repair naturally. The skin barrier can easily become damaged to the use of too many aggressive products, including things like exfoliants, toners, or harsh cleansers. And this can make your skin dryer and your eczema worse.

Reduce your skincare routine to a really gentle cleanser and a very hydrating moisturiser. And give your skin at least 30 days in order for these products to take effect and the skin barrier to heal.

3. Use a gentle balm.

In addition, I would find a really gentle balm to add that to your evening routine, put it on all over your face and leave it on to absorb. This will help lock in moisture and also protect the skin from irritants in the environment making your eczema worse, whilst supporting your skin barrier to heal.

4. Remove any products that irritate your skin.

If within this time you find that any of these products are continuing to irritate your skin, then stop using them immediately.

The intention is that a really simple routine means it's easy to isolate what's causing problems and what's working. And then you need to give that 30 days for the skin barrier to repair.

Once the skin barrier has had time to repair the skin will then be able to lock in moisture again. And that dryness that you're experiencing will eventually improve and hopefully go away altogether.