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Article: The Skin Soaking Method

The Skin Soaking Method-LOVESKINNZ

The Skin Soaking Method

Why is Topical Hydration Essential for Beautiful Skin

This article was written by Latasha Boyce, owner of Alluminus Beauty of Greytown, and stockist of the LOVESKIN range.

Skin Soaking Method

Did you know that topical hydration is absolutely essential for beautiful skin?

Did you know that our skin can only hold up to 12 hours’ worth of hydration and that’s only if our skin is in prime condition?

Did you know that drinking all the water in the world will not help to completely combat this either.

Even if you applied the thickest and richest night creams, these too will not help with topical dehydration either!

So What Then?

It’s quite simple.

  • By wetting the skin topically and using this Skin Soaking Method twice a day, every morning and night, with warm water and a soft cloth
  • Followed by misting with Kakara mist (or any non- alcohol based toner)
  • Finished with your favourite LOVESKIN serum or moisturiser, will seal in hydration, plant derivatives and topical EFAs into the skin!

Even if you do not have the mist and topical skin oils, the Skin Soaking Method alone is a game changer.

DEHYDRATED has become the new norm!

It truly has.

Having dehydrated skin has become our new norm.

Most women and men think that dull dry skin is OK, that we just all have to live with it, that it is what it is. But it does not have to be that way and it doesn’t cost the earth and you do not require expensive products to have beautiful dewy, healthy, hydrated looking skin.

What are the main causes?

Well to name a few:

  • Indoor air-conditioning and heating
  • Cold temps and low humidity levels
  • Placing your face straight under the shower facet
  • Using skincare ingredients that contain fillers and binders (current home-care skincare, facial wipes, make up, primers, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, deodorants, ingredients we recommend that you take a look at)

These all can contribute to accelerated trans-epidermal water loss “aka dehydration” and low humidity can sometimes cause weakened and sensitised upper layers of the skin.

If you think of the top layer of the skin which you see and feel as your “Roof tiles” and every time our skin is exposed to the above causes/ingredients, those “tiles” start to lift and open up, allowing all our good stuff out and all the bad stuff in!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, it is our protector, our Armour and yet most people spend more money on their hair and its dead! Don't get us wrong we love luscious hair, however you only get one skin and its so worth the investment.

Healthy skin never goes out of fashion, its the one unique accessory no other person has, its your unique fingerprint! Love it, nurture it x

Its super simple to achieve if you have the basic steps in place.

Your skin is dehydrated if it has the following symptoms:

  • Skin looks dull and dry.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines become more visible.
  • Skin easily flushes in cold or hot temperatures.
  • Your skin often feels like it needs exfoliation (its important not to over exfoliate, remember those roof tiles above? If you keep removing them just like the roof tiles on your house and it rains what happens to all the stuff in your house? Yup you got it they get ruined. It's no different to our skin. Preserve the roof tiles, they are there to protect and keep the communication flowing underneath in the deeper layers of the skin).
  • Blackheads form and do not easily come out.
  • Skin congests easily and is prone to acne and breakouts.

Re-hydrating the top layer of skin; the stratum corneum, through skin-soaking can take normal skin from dull to glow! Taking this step even further by looking at the ingredient’s that all your personal care products contain, that are potentially speeding up your trans-epidermal water loss is worth checking in to.

How to Soak Your Skin

Skin Soaking Method every AM & PM


Fill your basin with warm water. Place LOVESKIN Soaking Cloth (any soft cloth) in the warm water, slightly wring out excess water (make sure it is still quite damp) and press the damp cloth to your face, neck decolletage area. Count up to five or take five deep breaths, Repeat x 5 to ensure your skin is fully hydrated.


Mist with LOVESKIN Karaka Rose mist or any Non-alcohol based toner or mist spray. Or move straight to Step three if you do have this product.


Apply LOVESKIN facial oil, to lock in all that botanically 100% organically enriched LOVESKIN hydration rich topical EFAs and ingredients.


Skin soaking is foundational to a beautiful skincare regime. If you soak your skin twice daily for a month, can result in the following benefits:

  • Dehydrated cells will plump up by 25%, softening wrinkles and fine lines (think of those cells on the top layer like dry rice, what happens when you wet got they plump up)!
  • Pores will become less visible and the skin texture more refined.
  • Oil |sebum will flow more freely onto the surface of the skin, meaning you are less likely to get break-outs and black-heads.*
  • Skin will cope better with temperature changes and be more likely to remain calm rather than red, angry and flushed.
  • Products will penetrate more easily and you won’t use as much.
  • Enzyme action in the stratum corneum will improve, leading to healthier, stronger more vibrant skin.
  • Your skin will glow!

*Depends on removing congesting foods from your diet if your skin is prone to congestion.

Your Skin Will Thank You

Take the time to breathe, deeply, this will self-activate your para-sympathetic nervous system, taking you away from the stressed, shallow-breathed ‘fight or flight’ norm, into a restorative ‘rest and repair’ mode.

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