Washing your face with soap to manage acne

Washing your face with soap. Let's talk about it. Personally, I'm not a fan, the reason being that the skin is slightly acidic and soap. Classic soap is alkaline, so it damages the acid mantle on the surface of the skin, which is your skin's protective barrier. And when this is damaged, your skin is vulnerable to dirt and bacteria, which can lead to complications such as eczema, acne, dry skin sensitivity, and oily skin. 

Some people have success with their appearance of acne by using soap. And the reason for this; Soap dries out the skin so it leaves the surface of the skin slightly dryer, which can approve the appearance of spots temporarily. The other reason for this is that skin copes really well with low level irritation, so the skin is able to naturally rebalance and repair.

The problem with using soap to manage acne is it's addressing the symptom and not the underlying cause. Over time that continued damage to the acid mantle is gonna cause further problems for your skin. Also, there are a couple of symptoms that go hand in hand with using soap on your skin that most people just accept or don't necessarily recognize as being caused by the soap. These include milia, blackheads, and oily skin. Milia are those tiny little whiteheads or closed commodones with a collection of dead skin cells trapped inside. Each of these conditions are a symptom of a damaged skin barrier and are caused by the soap.

So if you've been using soap on your skin, and although you don't have acne, you do have milia, oiliness, or blackheads, then the soap is likely to be the reason.


Switching to an oil cleanser will help.