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Article: A lesson in finding your best autumn skincare routine

A lesson in finding your best autumn skincare routine-LOVESKINNZ

A lesson in finding your best autumn skincare routine

It’s a new season and that means it’s time to evaluate your skincare routine so that your skin is at its optimum. But, that doesn’t mean radically overhauling your skincare routine or turning to harsh cleansers.

In truth, autumn is the time to simplify your skin care routine, focus on quality over quantity, and choose ingredients that are going to pack a potent punch.

Here’s how fine-tuning your skincare routine can keep your skin glowing and protected while you enjoy the best of what autumn has to offer.

The Over-Cleansing Trap

We tend to think of cooler weather as a time for dry, flaky skin. During the cooler months we often experience more dry, flaky skin. We tend to address this by aggressively cleansing our skin to scrub the flakiness away but the opposite can also be true. The change in season can cause over-production of oil for some people, due to the fact that the drying element of the sun is no longer present.

Unfortunately though the worst thing for oily skin is to over-cleanse, especially with foaming cleansers, as it can remove our skin's protective coating of sebum (the natural oil that protects our skin from the bacteria that causes acne.) If your skin is being stripped of too many natural oils it will start to produce more oil, in effect exacerbating the very issue you were trying to prevent. By cleansing once a day with a natural, botanical oil you will remove the toxins, dirt, and makeup from your skin without removing the protective oils.

Hydration Is Key

Supporting the deep layers of your skin by feeding them lots of hydration is a great first step in buffering your skin from the seasonal changes. When it comes to autumn skin care, prepping the skin after cleansing with a balancing and refreshing facial mist is key to helping your skin receive the benefits of your moisturising serum. A face mist with spray free rose oil is a good choice as it will lock in vital moisture and leave the skin’s cells plump and lustrous.

As we leave behind summer’s heat and our skin does battle with indoor heating, hot showers, and chilly winds - major culprits for interfering with the skin’s natural hydration levels - a bottle of revitalizing face mist is a must-have in your bag. Whenever you need a quick burst of hydration, lightly spritz your face and benefit from the refreshing feeling.

Switch Your Moisturiser

While lighter skincare oils might have done the job throughout summer, getting the hydration your skin needs is even more important when the weather cools down. Try switching your products to far more hydrating, rich oil blends that provide an instant hit of moisture to the face without leaving a heavy or greasy feeling.

Banish the Heavy Makeup

Removing your makeup at the end of each day should be a priority no matter the season. If you need to wear heavy makeup, be sure to treat your skin to some downtime by cleaning your face with an oil based cleanser as soon as you get home. Oils based cleansers act like a magnet for makeup and pollutants that clog pores, giving you a brighter complexion without stripping your natural oils.

Together with generous water intake, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle – the LOVESKIN approach of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” could just be the answer to keeping your skin glowing all through autumn.


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