What does the skin repair process look like?

What happens when your skin is in a state of repair and what does the process of skin healing look like? We've become so accustomed to expecting a quick fix or an instant result from our skincare that sometimes we don't stop to appreciate the fact that skin doesn't heal instantly. Occasionally, a customer will come to me and say that they've noticed a reduction in the redness and inflammation in their skin, and an improvement in their skin texture.

However, they're still experiencing breakouts and they're wondering when their skin is going to be healed. I'm here to tell you that this is the start of the healing process. Skincare can't heal your skin overnight, and you will still experience the occasional breakout whilst your skin barrier is repairing.

If you've noticed a reduction in redness and inflammation and an improvement in your skin texture, then you're on the road to recovery and all that remains is for you to stay consistent and be patient. It takes around one month for the skin barrier to repair, and within this time, your skin is still susceptible to dirt and bacteria in the environment that can cause black heads and acne.

Also, within this time, your skin will still be working out the bacteria that's been trapped in the epidermis prior to you starting to use your new skincare routine. Skin repair on your face, just like skin repair on any part of your body takes time, and it can't be accelerated by the introduction of new products.

All that your skincare does is to create an environment in which natural healing can occur. But if your skin repair is taking longer than you thought, the worst thing you can do is to introduce a new product to try and accelerate the healing process. Remember that your skin is always trying to find equilibrium and balance naturally.

And if your skin is taking a long time to heal, that's an indication that it was badly damaged in the first place and the introduction of another product is only gonna make it worse. As I said before, stay consistent, be patient, and allow time for the natural healing process to take place. I hope this has been helpful.