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Article: Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips-LOVESKINNZ

Winter Skincare Tips

Is your skin coping during this winter weather? The blistering wind, the cold air outside and the heating inside can be a recipe for disaster, causing your skin to dry out, appear dull and sometimes even flaring eczema, dermatitis and irritated patchy skin. We are here to help you keep your skin glowing & healthy.

If you’re exfoliating, trying to scrub off that dry flaky skin this time will only increase dryness. It will reduce the beneficial natural oil your skin produces and damage the skins own protective barrier.

Instead? Double down on your moisturiser.

Apply liberally and frequently.
If you are already applying morning and night, try adding an extra application in the middle of the day. Try a more generous application than you usually would and don’t forget to apply before heading outside into that blustery cold wind.

Try switching to a natural serum, like our LOVESKIN Hydrating Serums. They offer intensive hydration, whilst also supporting the skin’s natural barrier function. Unlike traditional creamy moisturisers which are packed full of chemicals and emulsifiers with minimal moisturising oil, our serums are made with 100% plant oils that are deep-acting, balancing and replenishing.

Consider ditching traditional soapy cleansers, which strip the skin of its natural protective oils, to a cream or oil cleanser. Our Tui Cleanser removes dirt and makeup but leaves your skin’s acid mantle intact. This allows your skin to retain moisture more effectively, reducing the dry appearance and enabling it to glow.

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