How foaming skin cleansers do your skin more harm than good

How foaming skin cleansers do your skin more harm than good

Do you ever feel like your cleansers are plotting against you? Whilst their labels say they cleanse and hydrate, your skin actually ends up feeling oilier than ever? Here’s why – the ingredients in your cleansers are doing your skin more harm than good. Sure, they might do the job they advertise. But they’re doing it way too well.

These cleansers aren’t actually plotting against you – these effects are built into their ingredients list. They contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) – an emulsifying ingredient found in foams, exfoliants, and abrasives. It’s a master at breaking down the skin’s ability to protect itself from enemies. Cue an onslaught of irritation, acne, and sadness.

Because of the harsh ingredients, chemical cleansers don’t just strip away dirty oils – they also snatch the natural oils your skin desperately needs. This sends your skin into panic mode – making more oil to refill the stocks. When you notice your oils increasing, you cleanse more, making the problem worse.

If that’s enough for you to ditch the foam – how do you clean dirty oils without removing the ones your skin need?

To battle bad oils, you need to choose a fighter of their own kind – botanical oils. Sound counter-intuitive? We get it. But the fact is, oils are attracted to oils. Their magnetic love for one another is why oil-based cleansers are the only thing that can coax dirty oil out of your skin – without harming the good oils that call your pores home.

Why you should love and protect your natural oils

When you see your skin’s oily sheen in the mirror, don’t keep reaching straight for the cleanser.

Our skin produces oil to protect itself from environmental bacteria and climate aggravators. We need these oils to maintain our skin’s natural moisture balance, which regulates itself when left to its own devices.

Harsh cleansers throw this system off balance. Removing these oils through exfoliation, abrasives, or foams will cause your skin to produce much more oil than is needed. Say hello to skin oilier than before you even picked up the cleanser.

Don’t be fooled by the foaming effect of SLS’s – rather than cleaning safely, they’re actually breaking down the oil and fats from our skin.

The benefits of oil cleansing:

1. It works alongside you, not against you

All we want is for our skincare products to do what they say they will – without the side effects. Using skincare oils with a similar structure to your skin’s own protective mechanisms assists that process. By cleansing with gentle botanical oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria effectively, without stripping and aggravating. This allows your skin to maintain its natural equilibrium.

2. Oils attract Oils

Cleansing oils bond with excess oils on your skin, loosening makeup and gunk. The dirty oil, once removed, is then replaced with hydrating, healing natural oil, protecting and nourishing your skin from the worlds’ irritants.

3. Consistent use means consistent results

With consistent use of botanical oils, your skin will begin to re-balance itself. After sticking to an oil-based skincare ritual for a significant amount of time, your skin will start to become clearer and healthier, giving you a luminous glow.

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