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Article: How to use our face oils to recover from acne

How to use our facial serums to recover from acne.-LOVESKINNZ

How to use our face oils to recover from acne

In order to better understand how our natural face oils can work for oily skin read here; 3 ways face oils help oily skin.

You understand the theory, now it’s time to put it into practice by implementing a LOVESKIN ritual to repair and balance your acne prone skin.

First remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and whilst this is not a quick fix, the effects of switching to an all natural and organic range routine will be long lasting if done correctly, so commit to the process.

This is a process of rebalancing your skin and in doing so breaking the cycle of breakouts and constant reaction to the external symptoms which continue to plague on your skin. So understand whilst you should see improvements within a couple of weeks, complete and lasting healing may take a month or two.

Secondly realise that this is not a one size fits all, set and forget solution. Some days your skin will feel more oily than others and on these days it’s important to regulate the amount and / or frequency of your face oil application accordingly.

Thirdly understand that some days, when viewed at a micro level, it can seem like you’re going backwards, even though when looked at from a macro perspective you’re actually, consistently moving forward. You may experience the occasional breakout or pimple, due to diet, hormone fluctuations or simply a relapse, but generally these will be less aggressive and less frequent that those you’ve experienced previously.

And finally; any new product that you introduce to your skin shouldn’t hurt, it shouldn’t burn, or cause redness or further aggravation. This is the skin fighting and reacting to something you’ve put on it and it’s true for any product. Too many skincare brands would have us believe that it’s supposed to be painful and if it’s not painful it’s not working. In fact the opposite is true. Our whole ethos is to help your skin find it’s homeostasis or equilibrium. Unlike synthetic products which work against your skin’s natural functions, stripping drying and fighting skin, natural products like our LOVESKIN range support and enhance skin’s ability to maintain a healthy balance and in doing so leaves skin fresh, hydrated and glowing.

This fundamental difference in philosophy means that although natural products perform the same or similar tasks to those you would find in a traditional routine, the way they go about it is slightly different. Once you understand how the products are working to assist and support your skin, you can learn to apply them for best benefit for your skin’s needs and you too can enjoy the superior results a non toxic, all natural and organic skincare ritual can deliver.

So now to The Ritual:

We recommend that you start introducing this routine in the evenings only. Allow your skin a week or two to adjust to the rich, natural face oils and once you are confident that your skin is responding well you can move to both morning and night.

  1. Cleanse well using a soap free cleanser. As we’ve said before stripping your skin with harsh foaming cleansers can actually cause breakouts. Draw some warm water to hydrate your face cloth. Massage your LOVESKIN Tui Cleanser onto your neck and décolletage, in small circular motions, to rid impurities as you breathe in the natural rose aroma. Remove your cleanser with the warm damp cloth, taking care not to drag or pull at the skin.
  2. Gently tone. Tilt your head upward and mist your face with the Kakara Rose Mist, as you take a moment to inhale. Appreciate the sensation of the fine rose particles settling on your skin, as well as the subtle, calming scent.
  3. Moisturise. Slowly, press down on the pump 2 to 3 times or use the dropper to release 3 to 4 drops of your chosen moisturising face oil into your open clean palm. Rub your palms to together to distribute your face oil evenly into both hands. Massage the rich, botanical blend onto your neck and décolletage, taking extra care under your eyes. Relax in the sensation of your skin becoming noticeably hydrated and know that the act of doing so is good for both skin and soul.

Less is More. Remember, a small amount can go a long way with super concentrated rich botanical oils. Use just a few drops to start with. You can always add more if needed.

We believe that when the skin is optimally fed, its own powers of repair and regeneration are amplified and it becomes balanced, radiant, and healthy. With a little persistence, consistency and time you can heal, reset and repair your skin from the problems of the path and return to a balanced, glowing skin.

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